Linda Coffee - Artist
Cobourg artist- oil ,acrylic, mixed media and commisssioned works

Linda Coffee - Artist




Linda Coffee Artist


Born and raised in Northumberland County, Linda resides in Cobourg, Ontario with her family. 

Linda originally began her art education in oils and now works in Acrylics, Acrylic Mixed Media, Inks and Copper.   She draws inspiration from her husbands’ photography and memories of her childhood on the farm.

Linda began her art journey as a hobby and loves to explore landscapes and abstracts with a passion for color and texture.  Upon retirement, Linda began honing her craft and moving her art to a more professional level and is now teaching and providing consignment pieces to her clientele.

In 1992 Linda became a founding member of the Pine Ridge Art Association in Cobourg, Ontario.  Linda values her long standing membership with the Association, while continuing with her art education and enjoys interacting with her fellow artists.

Linda is currently showing at Gallery on the Lake in Buckhorn and participates in several shows each year throughout the region.


Contact info:

Direct:   905-375-2070